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There has been a recent increase in the popularity of wedding inspired blogs and with this there has been a spectacular trend of never before seen creative and breath taking wedding ideas. With this quickly increasing trend there is becoming some significant pressure for couples to build an originally stylized and personalized wedding. Along with the pressure brought on by these new notions of originality, you are finding that more and more people are starting to look towards full event planner and caterers to help alleviate some of the pressures brought on by putting together such momentous occasions.

Where Wedding Trends Are Now.


Currently a lot of wedding trends are brought together with the hot word “vintage”, though this is more of compilation of a modern take on the classic wedding. The mixture of classic old-fashion elements that are brought to life with uniquely modern accents is a vastly popular choice when picking over design options. With a noticeable favoring of particular flowers such as ranunculus, hydrangea, roses and even various succulents, you have an interesting spread of flower choices at your disposal. Many of these wonderful flowers do an exquisite job of completing a vintage theme perfectly, bringing a beauty in both appearance and fragrance.

When it comes to food and dessert at wedding we are beginning to notice an interesting shift in trends as they move away from casual dining and even in some cases larger cakes. There is becoming a new emphasis on action stations during food service in attempts to surprise and excite guests with live food presentations, though simpler options like high quality comforting selections such as angus beef sliders as well as the always popular artisan macaroni and cheese will always be a crowd favorite guaranteed to satisfy. One change that has been making a big name for it’s self is the implementation of dessert bars in place of larger, more lavish cakes. This is starting to take the nation by storm as the once favored wedding cake is beginning to be split up into several smaller cakes accompanied by bite sized desserts such as mini pies, cupcakes and even milkshake shots.

Where Wedding Trends Are Heading.


The predictions for which wedding inspirations are in our future prove to be interesting prospect. With no signs of wedding blogs declining in popularity, there will be a continued pull on generating a more guest focused experience that brings into fruition a very personal tone, precisely defining the bride and groom. The need for professionalizing event planners and catering will skyrocket demand as the world of weddings steadily build in style and complexity, ensuring that everything moves smoothly from start to finish.

It is expected that we will begin to see an interesting blend of unusual colors, textures and patterns with upcoming wedding designs. Within the next five years, popular upcoming trends such as color blocking, will start to take root as well as an increase in rather unexpected materials such as acrylics, wood and even some metals. As the now popular vintage style begins to wash away we will be met with original floral displays and elaborate hanging centerpieces.

Cakes will make their comeback in full force becoming fiercely more elaborate and custom-tailored to each specific occasion. The style will continue to change and flex with taller, multi-level creations that will wow all guests with their newly envisioned patterns and colors. They will become the main focal point, a centerpiece brought into existence in attempts to portray a visual definition of the celebration, rather than just a dessert to be eaten.

Culinary challenges will continue to build in enticing and exciting ways, with entertainment based cooking only in its beginning stages. Other popular additions such as mixologist will bring a memorable and intriguing atmosphere to your drink options, fine tuning and finishing off the entire elaborate experience. Mobile food stations, meal trucks, and table-side cooking with uniquely inspired menus will make their presence known in a big way.


Moving away from current classic themes and designs, gowns will begin to take on appealing, polished modern contours. Such surprise features as removable tulle over-skirts can be seen moving in, to add an incredible new dynamic when selecting just the right dress. One of the more exciting options in gowns just on the horizon is interchangeable designs that will allow for dual purposes, such as an elegant version for walking down the aisle during the ceremony and a more comfortable and refined transformation to be used during the reception. Expect this level of customization to take weddings by storm.

There is so much to look forward to in the upcoming world of wedding planning. Soon the only limitations to bring together your dream ceremony will be what you can imagine. But when it comes to coordinating events and preparing the perfect menu, specialized planners and caterers will be a godsend, bring a touch of professionalism and refinement that otherwise might not be easily obtained. For more information on how we can help you plan the perfect wedding, contact us here.