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Choosing your wedding cake is without a doubt one the most exciting part of planning any wedding, but only those who have gone through the long, grueling process truly understand the time and dedication needed to find the perfect cake. Selecting just the right cake for the occasion is almost an art form of its own. You have to take into account what seems like an endless list of variables, such as the wedding’s theme, the bride’s dress as well as the foods and drinks that will compliment it. Of course these only accounts for a few of the many, the list goes on.

Not just square anymore…

Though many of the classic wedding cakes were originally square in design, it has been shown that this is becoming less and less of a viable option. Most couples are now favoring rounded and tall cakes, with extreme customizations that reflect their own personal touches, which stand as a centerpiece to their memorable ceremony. In addition we are starting to see an increase in edible design elements such as elegant laces and spectacular sugar flowers that closely resemble the brides gown. Others are even taking their cakes to a whole new level, calling for adventurous, loud colors coupled with intricate hand painted patterns that leap out and steal the show.

Predictions for the future

Many of the most renowned wedding cake experts within the industry have been giving prediction towards where they see the future of wedding cake designs moving. They believe that not only will we continue to see more fantastically flamboyant and personalized compositions but we are going to witness a continued stretch away from traditional wedding cake ideology. There are tons of new options popping up constantly, such as dessert tables that mix cakes with a bountiful selection of other wonderful treats being made more popular in Australia and the U.S. Then there is the recent increase in the showing of novelty options such as groom’s cakes that stand next and compliment the masterpiece and allowing the groom his own personal touch. There is no exact science for predicting future wedding cake trends but if they continue to move in the direction they are going, we will be in for a treat with extravagant designs that push the limits of our imaginations.