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KitchenWhatcom County Commissary Kitchen

Our Commissary kitchen is licensed by the local health department, and designed specifically for use by multiple groups: businesses and companies, WSDA users, Farmers Markets, Caterers, and Food Trucks.

We can also provide delivery services for your business and act as liaisons between your business and local vendors, organize farmers markets, charity events and auctions, as well as volunteer services part-time or early-stage food businesses requiring part-time kitchen space.

Our kitchen can provide fledgling businesses the opportunity to cook or bake their products without the expense of building and equipping their own commercial kitchens, which is often too expensive to consider. Our kitchen has all the necessary commercial equipment for just about any cooking or baking need. Individuals or groups can book private cooking time, or they can work while others are working, depending on the needs of the space and the set-up. Our kitchen is available for both short-term and long-term use, perfect for teaching cooking classes, testing new recipes for a new restaurant, preparing products for farmers markets, or cooking meals for catered events.

Renting commissary space can be especially beneficial when baking in bulk. We provide industrial ovens, mixers, baking sheets, pots, pans, and other supplies to help any beginner business or charity event. Our equipment is always improving based on the needs of our clients, download a list of our current equipment here. [add link]


Our commissary works well with Farmers Markets. We can help setup stands for produce as well as baked goods, create imaginatively themed layouts to present your product, and print custom labels for your small farm, organic garden,  hand made goat-cheese or baked good.

We can also help fledgling caterers. If you want to prep, cook, and bake in our commissary we can help deliver, setup, and arrange events. We can also organize venues for your clients allowing you to take care of the food and concentrate on your own spectacular recipes and culinary arrangements.

We’ve also made wonderful provisions for food-trucks. You can prepare your fare in our kitchen, use our equipment, use our staff, and we can help you load and stock your truck(s) to get you moving. Spreading deliciousness is what we do. We encourage the food-truck movement and provide everything you need to take your specialty to the people.

Please see our comprehensive lists for client information regarding WSDA users, Farmers Market users, Caterers, and Food Truck arrangements.

Our kitchen is a safe, warm environment, where we promote community, friendship, teamwork, and the wholesome production of food.

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Adobe_PDF-51x50 Facility Use Agreement
Adobe_PDF-51x50 MEC Culinary Kitchen Basics Food Truck
Adobe_PDF-51x50 MEC Culinary Kitchen for Caterers
Adobe_PDF-51x50 MEC Culinary Kitchen for Farmers Market Users
Adobe_PDF-51x50 MEC Culinary Kitchen for WSDA Users

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