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To plan and execute the perfect surprise party it will take skill, preparation, secrecy and just a bit of luck. But all the painstaking planning and subterfuge will pay out in the end when you get to witness your victim’s face at the moment of the big reveal. If you put away a little time for proper planning and a hand full of harmless lies along with these tips below, success will be yours.

Be Discrete

One major rule when putting together a surprise party is that you don’t speak about the surprise party. This rule leads right into the second rule, which is do not speak about the surprise party. Managing all your guests and ensuring secrecy will be the hardest part of this process, but it is possible and worth the effort spent..

Find a partner in crime

Having someone to assist you and break up responsibilities who does not live in the same residence as you the person of honor will make it considerably easier to stash supplies, manage guest lists, decorate and guarantee that everyone arrives in the precise location at the designated time. Key qualities for this accomplice should be expert secret keeping skills and a strong poker face.

Keep reservations a secret

Any invitations that are dispersed among party guests should clearly and diligently express the need for secrecy. Ultimately you will be relying on your guests ability to not let the cat out of the bag, so all reservations should be made under the radar via cell phone or e-mail, this is especially important if the party is being put together for a spouse.

Create a diversion

You should never expect that the person of honor will show up at the right time so it is important to take this into your own hands. Often the best way to accomplish this is by having your accomplice take them out for a light lunch or movie and then bring them directly to the party at the specified time.

Parking 101

In many cases these parties will be thrown at home, in such cases it is important to have guests arrive a minimum of an hour before the person of honor to properly orchestrate parking. Direct guests to park around the block and out of sight, this often overlooked step can ruin a surprise party right at the last moment if they arrive to a flood of cars in front of the house, it is for this exact same reason that no outside decor should be used.


On of the best ways to keep the true party in the shadows is to create a fake party on a separate day to throw them off the scent. With this tactic your person of honor will believe that their special event is still being remember but will not be privy to a much more exciting surprise.

On the Big Day

Get some help

On party day you should pull together all your resources getting help from guests with coordinating, decorating and even distracting the person of honor as the party assembles and prepares for the big moment.

Make it appear routine

It is always best to plan surprise parties in a time slot that is routine that way you do not raise suspicions. If the person of honor always take a class or goes out to meet with friends at a certain time try to have guests arrive at their home during that time frame. This will lessen chances of the surprise party being found out and give a reliable time frame to work with.

Get creative

Think of something fun and original to really push the experience over the top, one such example is have each guest hold a headshot of the person of honor over their face with cut-out eye holes. This will make for a shocking entrance and initially hide the identities of your guests.

Be the host with the most

The most memorable parties have one thing in common, a great host! You should make sure that everyone is welcomed personally with open arms and a smiling face. It is your job to create a fun and pleasant atmosphere filled with great energy, delicious food and wonderful drinks.