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Privaty Dinner Party in Whatcom CountyThere’s few greater joys than a perfectly executed dinner between friends.

Now imagine wine-pink cheeks and grill-checked pink salmon. Recipes aren’t just for food, there also recipes for happiness and this is ours. We set the banquet at a private home, outdoors with white-linen, floral arrangements, and white globes of soft light. Freshly baked bread in baskets, accompanied by garnished platters of fresh Northwest salmon in true NW Pacific fashion. Add friends and family, an atmosphere of cheer, and an experienced jovial staff

Private Dinner Party Skagit County SalmonWe took care to match the salmon with orange slices and choice wines, because there’s nothing more specific than being Pacific about your friends and fish.
(and an open bar for the guests!). Subtly accent with the soft velvet warmth of night, and voila!