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Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!

It’s that time of season for companies and people alike to be throwing their annual Christmas party. At Memorable Events and Catering we’re prepared to infuse your yuletide bash with tons of Christmas spirit. Christmas parties are a great way to end the year, bring family, friends, and coworkers together in a non-stress environment and walk into the New Year with resolution.

Whether you want traditional fare: ham or turkey (or both!), with numerous sides like green-beans, sweet-potato casserole, apple-walnut stuffing, goose (yes goose), gravies galore, pumpkin pies, apple pies, berry pies, we have recipes to choose from and even more intuition and taste.

Or maybe you want something a little more exotic and less traditional? How about seafood themed Christmas? Santa Salmon dinner: a host of salmon (one with a cherry tomato for a nose) pulling a sleigh of delicious “presents” like cream-cheese dip, fresh local vegetables, and fresh local breads (and maybe a glass of wine or two).

Need help planning?

Not a problem. Memorable Events has years of experience organizing and setting up events. We can contract musicians for live music, secure locations and buildings for you party, and even provide hostess for a full catered party with white-linen service.


Get live music, even if it’s not going to be an overwhelming Christmas jam. We can arrange for Carollers.

Fun ideas:

Make your party a family event. Sometimes it’s good to relax outside of the workplace and get to know people as they are at home. Setting up a family friendly Christmas party is a good way to help your employees relax and feel at home in the company. We suggest fun games for the kids, Christmas raffle, and stockings!

No alcohol, no problem. Although some people will say it’s essential at the company party, alcohol isn’t necessary for a good time. There are tons of ways to get people up and talking, like live music, games, karaoke, raffles, and table placements that mix staff that don’t usually sit together.


Yes, we can get you a Santa and it’s well worth it, at either Adult only Christmas parties or family events. A Santa can go a long way to set the atmosphere for your Noel.

Get a Santa!

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We’ll be happy to help you setup your event! Merry Christmas!